Monday, March 24, 2014


Funny coincidence - #Sixteen was regarding my husband's cell phone purchase. So is this Thank You =)

I just sealed the envelope and didn't snap a shot of the message (doh!), but essentially we shopped at the Best Buy in Glen Burnie on Sunday and got my husband a great new phone. We knew what we wanted coming in, but Chelsea, our salesperson, helped us on several fronts - picking the exact right accessories AND letting us know about a better Verizon wireless plan (more features, less cost!). She could have just done her job at the basic level and moved on to the next customer (a line was forming for the cell phone department), but instead she was thorough and never ever rushed us. Gotta love when people do their job not just to standard but to the best of their ability!

Regarding my progress, I'll make a small promise - I'll send another Thank You out before my husband's NEXT cell phone purchase/upgrade which won't be until March 2016. ;)

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