Monday, March 24, 2014


Funny coincidence - #Sixteen was regarding my husband's cell phone purchase. So is this Thank You =)

I just sealed the envelope and didn't snap a shot of the message (doh!), but essentially we shopped at the Best Buy in Glen Burnie on Sunday and got my husband a great new phone. We knew what we wanted coming in, but Chelsea, our salesperson, helped us on several fronts - picking the exact right accessories AND letting us know about a better Verizon wireless plan (more features, less cost!). She could have just done her job at the basic level and moved on to the next customer (a line was forming for the cell phone department), but instead she was thorough and never ever rushed us. Gotta love when people do their job not just to standard but to the best of their ability!

Regarding my progress, I'll make a small promise - I'll send another Thank You out before my husband's NEXT cell phone purchase/upgrade which won't be until March 2016. ;)

Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Last week, my husband received his new cell phone ordered from a refurbished site only to find out that he'd still have to go into a Verizon store to get a SIM card. With his busy work schedule that was unlikely to happen until the weekend, and since I have a lot more flexibility to run to the Verizon store on a Thursday morning, I did. 

Now, this was after frustrating Verizon cellular customer service that week, and equally aggravating Verizon customer service issues the week before regarding our home phone and internet. So when I was greeted at the Verizon store on Fleet Street by a gentleman named Kyle, who was respectful and kind to me even though I was practically venting to him, I appreciated it. A lot. The phone issues all got squared away and my husband's new phone was up and running in no time.

The next day, I still appreciated Kyle's excellent customer service, so I wrote a note addressed to "Management" at his store location and dropped it in the mail. I didn't take a photo of the note for my records because I wasn't even thinking of it as one of my "Thousand Thank You" notes. But from memory I can share that the note pointed out how great Kyle was at his job and how he should be recognized and rewarded for it.

I went on with my life, as most usually do following a technological transition in the household. Then yesterday my husband said his phone charger was giving him major problems and I offered to run the errand of getting him a new one the same day. I called Kyle (had his business card) and told him about the situation, and he said to come on in. He also told me that he had received my note that morning, and thanked me for it. I went into the store and got the new charger.

I went back to the store today to take in the old charger that wasn't working for a warranty refund, and get a belt phone case for my husband, and worked with Kyle once again. Over the counter, he told me that over the course of 24 hours, the note had gone up the chains of Verizon Wireless management and was ultimately emailed to EVERY EMPLOYEE IN THE NORTHEAST! Kyle thanked me again and again for sending in the note, and I just kept thinking "Well, thank you for doing your job!"

On my way out of the store, the district manager happened to be at the door and asked if I'd be up for filling out a survey online about my customer service experience, and when I mentioned that I was the one who had sent the note about Kyle, his immediate response was "You're so nice!" I felt a little embarrassed and didn't know what to say, so I just expressed that Kyle is a great employee and excellent work should be recognized, that's all. That's when the district manager reinforced a statement that Kyle had made earlier at the counter - that good, diligent work often goes unrecognized and unappreciated. 

After hearing that, I decided I need to make a better effort at sending Thank You's as soon as they are warranted. The note doesn't have to be elaborate, or on my finest stationery in my best handwriting. It just has to be heartfelt and timely.

So even though I let the "Thousand Thank Yous" domain name expire months ago, this blog is still very much alive and will remain the central point where I share updates on the Thank You's I send out and any feedback I ever receive. And, given all that the note to Verizon has done for Kyle, and how much he appreciated it, I'm officially counting it as number Sixteen. =)

Thursday, August 2, 2012


It's been awhile since I wrote an unsolicited thank you! However in my first few weeks in Baltimore, our new home, I've dined twice at Kettle Hill. First was for the clambake which rocked, and second was when my parents and sister were in town. The shrimp and grits that I write about were so ridiculously delicious that my mom told the waiter that next time she visits me, she will eat salad all week and then come back and order that dish. Love it!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Response from COACH

This morning I received a phone call from a woman who had received one of my Thank Yous-Marcy at COACH. She said that she had been on vacation but came back to find the note and was thrilled! She sounded sincerely happy and touched by my gesture, which is again what this is all about!!!


I wrote a Thank You to the PA named Amber who recently conducted my annual "women's health" exam. She made me feel comfortable in a new environment (first official new doc appointment since I moved to the Burgh) and was informative and thoughtful. I figure folks in the medical field don't get appreciated for the routine work they do to help us maintain our health, but they should! So I did!

Monday, January 23, 2012


To Marcy, a woman working at the Coach store on Walnut Street. I pranced into the store on January 7 - first time I ever set foot in there since moving to Pittsburgh, I swear! - and Marcy greeted me with a smile. She patiently waited as I examined many many purses to find something that was just right for me. Then, after getting an idea for my style and bag sensibility, she went to the back room and brought back a bag that had just come in that day that hadn't even made it to the shelves yet. It was the perfect blend of structure (zippers and straps where I needed them, etc.) and beauty (a gorgeous bold color that I loved but probably would never have picked out on my own). I now possess the purse, I am so appreciative of the time and effort that Marcy took to lead me to it!


A note to Chuck, the gentleman at my Pittsburgh bank branch who helped me in changing my account details to have my married name. I met with him after a long afterrnoon at the Social Security office and DMV, and greatly appreciated his friendly nature and his efficiency. Actually, I've had very good experiences with several other employees at his branch, and I mentioned that in the note as well!